Koop has put an order into our N. Bridgton weather service. The entire holiday weekend will be incredible! Just what we want for the trip into Portland to see the Sea Dogs game. Afterwards campers will see an amazing display of fireworks.

The boys appear to be very satisfied with their schedules this session. We’ve had to make only a few changes. Now, if they could just stop loosing them around camp we’d be in great shape 😉

This morning after clean up I followed some campers to see what minors they were doing. Seniors were having a very competitive flag football game. On the far side of field the baseball majors were being timed for different sprints. There were some pretty fast speeds recorded by Coach Mike. He keeps stats on his majors to see the progress they make during the session. Next I watched a little “King of the Court” followed by our new minor STREET HOCKEY. This is becoming extremely popular with the boys. I’ve watched some great games and they will go out of camp to play in a few tournaments.

Arts and crafts is held in the basement of the church on campus. On a hot day the boys love to hang out, listen to music, chat, and chill. Today was no exception. They were making their own mazes in CD cases. Very clever project I had to take a picture of a few.
Fifth period everyday is “choose-up.” Campers can go to any activity they want. I decided to watch the boys down at the lake.

Evening activity was movie night. Tomorrow is LAZY BONES SUNDAY. I think everyone is looking forward to a sleep in.

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