Pro Social Tonight!

Today was a very exciting day because we had 3 different tournaments against other camps, and the Pros had their social tonight!

The morning started off as usual with BSL in the morning followed by camper’s majors and minors. BSL went very well today with some great competition between all the campers and counselors. The first period followed BSL, and many campers had their major and the rest had their minors. Baseball players worked on bunting the ball, and they had a competition between the Rookies and older campers. The Rookies beat the older campers! In hockey, they worked on passing, keep away, and 4 v 4. The soccer players worked on passing, sprinting, and had a game at the end. There was a lacrosse minor, and they worked on 2 v 2. Tennis minors played King of the Court which they enjoyed.

Period 2 was just as successful. Hockey majors also worked on passing, keep away, and 4 v 4 along with shooting backhand and tipping the puck into the net.

We did lunch differently today because of the different tournaments happening. We had basketball, flag football, and street hockey tournaments against other camps. While those campers were at their games, we still had a normal schedule. Both period 3 and 4 ran smoothly and campers enjoyed themselves.

The Rookies had the street hockey tournament and they absolutely crushed it! They won all their games, and came out as the winner of the tournament! In flag football and basketball, we did not win any games, but all the campers had a great attitude and displayed good sportsmanship on the court, arena, and field! All the campers had fun competing in the tournaments!

During Choose Up, the campers that were not getting ready for the social tonight were up at the fields, court, or the Gaga Pit. There were campers who were playing Spike Ball, kicking field goals, and playing baseball. During Line-up we did not have the Pros there because they were still getting ready, but we had 3 campers tell jokes, and the third one got the bucket of water dumped on them.

His joke:

Do you know what ticks me off?
-Lime disease

The Pros and Rookies ate dinner together, and we had chicken, rice, green beans, the pasta bar, and the salad bar. For dessert, we had chocolate chip cookies. After dinner, the Pros went back to their dorms to finish getting ready to head up to the ice rink for their social. All the boys were super excited for it, and could hardly wait for tonight! The rest of the campers had free time until they had to be back in their dorms for the night.

All the Pros on the ice were having so much fun! They were skating around dancing to the music and laughing with each other and the girls.

Today was a fantastic day for the campers! They had fun at their tournaments and periods and the Pros ended their night having fun at their social!

Thank you for reading the blog and I hope your Monday was awesome!

Until tomorrow!

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