Move in Day

Today marks the first day of Bridgton Sports Camp’s first session!

All the campers came in excited and ready for the summer! With the help of their parents and other counselors, the campers unpacked, made their beds, making Bridgton their home for the next 3 weeks.

After unpacking, many campers went to the Gaga Pit for some fun and to catch up with their friends from last summer. Some campers were even able to try out and play in the brand new street hockey arena we have! While others went to play soccer and basketball to keep up their skills.
Many campers came to greet their friends off the bus. After bringing all their belongings to their room and unpacking, many joined the campers at the Gaga Pit for one big, fun game.

Before dinner line-up was called where the director of Bridgton Sports Camp, Brian Kooperman, spoke to all the campers and counselors, then we split into our age groups and did some fun activities. Rookies played a game of intense kickball, Pros played ultimate Frisbee and kickball, and Seniors played handball.

For dinner, we had chicken fingers, fries, salad, and ravioli and not to mention brownies! After dinner, everyone had free time and a chance to have some down time before Monday comes.

We are very excited for the first week of camp and to see the campers’ progress on and off the field/ice!

Thank you for taking the time to read the blog and I hope you have a great day!

Until tomorrow!
Keara Chaperon

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