Monday: Senior Social

Tonight is the Senior Social! Today was also the last normal day with campers following their schedules because tomorrow is Funtown Splashtown and the rest of the week is Color War!

There was BSL in the morning, but many of the Seniors and Pros were missing because of the inter-camp tournaments. The tournaments were in street hockey and baseball. This also was the start of playoffs for BSL.

After BSL, the campers went to their first two periods. The hockey majors worked on stickhandling and played keep away. The soccer majors worked on finishing and scrimmaged at the end. There was a baseball minor and they played a mini baseball game where the bases were moved in closer to home plate. There was a street hockey and flag football minor, but there were not many campers because of the different inter-camp games, so they went into the gym and played basketball. There was a weight training minor as well.

Everyone had tacos for lunch since we will be missing Taco Tuesday! After lunch was the Rest Hour, and it started to pour so Rest Hour was extended until the rain stopped.
Once the rain was done, it was back to the normal third and fourth periods. In both hockey minors, the players scrimmaged. There was a camper who never played hockey before who stepped on the ice with gear on and tried it! He had a good time, and was smiling for the whole period! The rest of the campers had fun at their minors and tried something new in each one.

During Line-up, we found out about the inter-camp tournaments the campers participated in. The baseball team won the tournament! In the street hockey tournament, the campers brought home second place! All the campers were cheering when they found out because it was super exciting to hear how well they did!

For dinner, the campers had mashed potatoes and chicken with the usual salad and pasta bar. We celebrated a counselor’s birthday too!

After dinner, the Seniors got ready for their social. Everyone else had normal free time and snack time. At the social, the Seniors looked like they were having fun talking and hanging out with the girls and their friends.

Everyone is excited for tomorrow because of Funtown Splashtown and White Water Rafting! It will be a busy day!

Thank you for taking the time to read the blog, and wish the campers luck tomorrow and please wish the counselor a very happy birthday!

Stay tuned for updates on Wednesday!

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