Monday, July 4

Happy Fourth of July Bridgton Sports Camp friends and families! This morning a group of our campers competed in the annual Bridgton Four on the Fourth race. Accompanied by counselors, a group of BSC campers from all age groups gave their best effort on a four mile course bright and early in the morning before most campers had even started their day. Back at camp we had a traditional Monday consisting of majors, snack, lineup, choose up and Bridgton Sports league games in the evening. On the diamond campers practiced infield outfield drills and then competed in a drill called the gauntlet to practice ground balls. In the gym basketball players started with defensive drills then moved into finishing with combination moves and finished with five on fives. On the ice our hockey campers played three on three after working on skating in small groups. The lacrosse players worked on inside finishing and began the first day of light contact play. Our soccer majors worked on ball handling and also ran a scrimmage. As the sun went down the boys continued competing in BSL. After free play it was lights out in Bridgton. We’re looking forward to tomorrow!

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