Monday, July 25

It was a fantastic day at Bridgton Sports Camp. The majors took place in the morning and went swimmingly. Hockey players worked on puck control, edge work and making moves against defenders. Soccer majors focused on defensive positioning as well as passing. In basketball the campers prioritized communication while they ran through some basic drills such as ball handling and lay ups. Baseball players engaged in the “gauntlet” before doing some conditioning. In lacrosse the boys continued their ground ball work and also completed several passing drills. During choose up today we had a second workshop focused solely on increasing vertical jump height lead by a counselor who is a collegiate football player. There was also a ball handling clinic put on by a collegiate basketball counselor. It is awesome to see the campers staying focused on their athletics late in the day. The boys know that when they take that extra time and dig deep to find some motivation that they improve in their sport marginally. In the evening we had a carnival performance put on by an impressive duo in the chapel. Juggling, unicycling, and plate spinning was just the beginning. Campers and counselors were called as volunteers to help complete complicated tricks. The laughter and cheers echoed throughout campus. It was the perfect end to a picturesque day here at camp. We are excited to keep having fun throughout the week. Go BSC!

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