Monday, July 19 UPDATE

BSC Session Two is now officially underway! We had our first full day of camp on Monday, and despite some patches of rain, the kids were on their feet, and sure to need a good night’s rest. Our rookie division woke up at 7:45 this morning, followed by the pro and senior divisions half an hour later, as we headed up to the dining hall for a classic breakfast of pancakes and bacon. Before we got to our majors, though, the campers headed to their rooms to make them nice and clean. A clean room is no small task here at BSC, as the cleanest room in each dorm wins a trip to the local ice cream parlor at the end of the week.

We then had a morning full of majors, despite some light rain before noon. Our basketball session was held on our new outdoor courts, as we follow COVID protocols before ensuring none of our campers are COVID-positive. Hockey was also a bit different today; campers brought their bags up the hill to the rink before going through an off-ice workout session. Elsewhere on the field, soccer and lacrosse majors met each other, their counselors, and coaches for the session, before going through some individual skill work. Baseball too followed a similar pattern, introducing their run, stretch, and throw routine before ending with some fielding drills.

After lunch and rest time, we followed some stations in the afternoon. The campers rotated with their divisions, first taking the swim test that will allow them free reign in the lake this summer. Then, we went to the lecture hall to go over the rules of camp with Koop, and get their weekly schedules. Finally, we met on the field for our Bridgton Sports League (BSL) combine. BSL is essentially our intramural league, where all the campers are divided into teams to compete in minor sports such as handball, cricket, and dodgeball throughout the session.

At night, the campers had free play on the fields before heading with their divisions back to the dorms to wind down before sleep. We ate a small snack before bed-time, hung out and got to know each other a little more, before heading to sleep. Overall, a great start to Session Two!

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