Monday, July 18

Today was the first full day at BSC and the campers are already making themselves at home. Our focus for the first few days of camp is getting everyone informed and comfortable with camp procedures as well as the daily schedule. We pack a lot of information in and so far the boys have been outstanding listeners. In the morning we had the hockey and lacrosse players set up their locker room and go over rules with the coaches. Our basketball, baseball and soccer majors also debriefed with their coaches about what is expected of them over the next three weeks. After today the campers will be familiarized with the equipment, fields, courts, coaches and counselors. Majors will start full speed tomorrow. We had a bit of rain in the afternoon but thankfully we were able to get the campers through their swim test before the bad weather set in. Following the swim tests the campers received their daily schedule and went into greater detail regarding their individual daily schedules. Here at BSC we have a special competition called Bridgton Sports League (BSL) where we organize various games for the campers to participate in. Some of the games the campers compete in are: cricket, handball, ultimate frisbee and kickball. BSL is a great way to introduce the campers to different games while mixing the age groups together resulting in a fun and fierce competition. Today the boys showcased their skills in the BSL combine allowing the commissioner to make fair and balanced teams. We expect BSL to begin tomorrow. In the evening the campers cleaned up and showered before heading to their first movie night. Tomorrow the weather will be sunny so we will run a fully normal schedule. Sunscreen, water and go BSC!

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