Monday, July 11

Color war officially kicked off today making it one of the best days of camp yet. In the morning majors took place as they usually do. On the ice the hockey majors worked on their release and
participated in battle drills. In the gym our basketball majors focused on defense at the beginning of practice and then switched over to full court layup drills using both their left and right hands. At the end of the basketball session the boys played a five on five. Over on the pitch the soccer players continued working on a power and finesse drill and then moved into mini game scrimmages. In the lacrosse session the boys began by working on their basics today’s focus was catching and throwing. The priority then shifted over to footwork and stance for our lacrosse majors. Last but not least there was a big scrimmage played out on the diamond with each baseball coach leading a team. In the evening we put together a counselor versus senior camper hockey game. It was an exciting opportunity for our coaches to prove why they’re the ones with the whistle as well as teach the campers a thing or two. At the end of the game we announced color war by having the team captains run out onto the ice with the zamboni. It was so exciting seeing the reactions of the campers and seeing the energy of our captains. This year it will be the Warriors versus the Avalanche. The teams have been announced and the first games took place tonight. The pros played dodgeball while the seniors played broom hockey. Both games were extremely close, the senior game was won by the Avalanche while the pro game was won by the Warriors. Needless to say the next few days are going to be extremely exciting and fast paced. Stay tuned and GO BSC!

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