After two cold and damp days we had sunshine with a nice breeze. The weather was perfect for all land sports. Twelve and under soccer players left camp after breakfast. They made it to the finals and lost in the final minutes of the game. Coach was very proud of their game play and good sportsmanship.

Baseball majors were having their throwing speed recorded. Lax guys were working on shooting on goal. Hockey had four stations each with a different drill. Basketball also had four stations of drills. Everyone worked hard at their majors this morning. All coaches are seeing an improvement in the two short weeks since camp has started.

I saw a good street hockey game and some well played tennis. Weight training was in the gym and on the fields for sprints.This afternoon for choose up we had the first ever gaga tournament. The winner will get a trophy and a trip into town for ice cream. At line up we heard quite a few shout outs. We has multiple camper get up on skis for the first time and the fish were biting. They must like our new worms.

After dinner we had a van go out with 15 campers to play a round of golf. Busy day here at camp, and I know everyone will sleep well tonight.

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