With blue skies and a nice breeze campers were up and at breakfast by 8 o’clock. With choices galore. They had their pick of waffles, eggs, yogurt, fruit, granola, bagels, toast, oatmeal, and what would any breakfast be without lucky charms.

Immediately following they all met in one of our larger buildings… The Humanity Center. It has a huge lecture room and this is where the boys received their activity schedules.

During the morning I saw a new minor. We have turned one of our tennis courts into street hockey. This was run by one of our hockey coaches. Looks like this is going to be a popular minor! Up on the fields lax majors were going through a series of drills. Baseball majors were doing the same. Hockey players were given lockers and meeting Coach Warde and learning about the program. In the afternoon they were on the ice. Looks like we have some real talent this summer.

Parents of soccer and basketball…….. I promise to visit those majors tomorrow and have some great photo’s for you.

I heard the lake was a little choppy but that didn’t stop the boys from waterskiing, wake boarding, tubing and canoeing. I never heard if any fish were caught.

At the end of activities we always have a line up. That’s where counselors share special moments of the day. The boys are cheered and applauded. We also have the joke of the day. If the joke doesn’t get a thumbs up they get the bucket. On a hot day we hear a lot of bad jokes.

After dinner we had BSL (Bridgton Sports League) Camp is divided into 6 teams, The Badgers, Tree’s, Bull Dogs, Horn Frogs, Crimson’s, and Ducks. They compete all summer long. Winners have a pizza party and their names on a huge trophy. They are playing cricket, dodgeball and all fun events. Teams are comprised of all ages. From Rookies to seniors.

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