It’s hard to believe we are in our final week. Majors were in full swing this morning.
Baseball was split into catching and the batting cages.
Soccer majors were working hard as usual. I caught them in the beginning of the period while they were still looking fresh for a group shot.
Lax majors paired up and went one on one to shoot on goal.
Coach Warde just sent me a text:
–Underhandle in confined area- top hand, bottom hand, both hands
–1-5 passing – normal, cross and drop, head man
— 4 line shooting-quick feet, no stick handle
— 1v0 Russian flow series-4 options
— 3v3 3 nets 2 pass
Thank you Coach!!!

Plenty of worms were taken from the frig. today. I heard they are catching some nice size bass.
Campers were happy to be tubing and getting some great rides.
At line up this evening there were shout outs from counselors and campers. It’s always great to hear campers applauding each other for their accomplishments.
Tonights evening activity is BSL leagues.

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