Lazy Bones Sunday

Lazy Bones Sunday at BSC means breakfast is served from 9-10. Our thirteen and under boys left for Kingswood for some basketball competition. Another victory for BSC! Seniors went to Michah for a tennis tournament and there was free play till lunch. Campers had everything open and available to them… including the lake.

Lunch was cold cuts including tuna and chicken salad. Also a complete salad bar. Camper made their own sandwiches with choise of roll, bread or wraps. I saw some very creative lunches. After rest hour we had our BSL (Bridgton Sports League) campers played cricket, capture the flag, dodge-ball, kickball, and ultimate Frisbee. This league has been on going since week one. We’re anxiously waiting to see what team finishes in first. It’s a tight race.

After two rounds Rookies all played new comb, Seniors played football and the Pros put on long sleeves for broom ball on the ice. It was a fun way to spend the day after a week of majors and structure.

The chaperoned CIT’s were given the night off. Dinner and a movie. They work hard and this will be a nice break.

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