Wednesday, July 7th was a special day at Bridgton Sports Camp, and not just because campers continued to improve in their sports, although that happened too.

Per usual, the morning was spent in our major sports. Our hockey majors spent more time on skating work and mixed in some stick-handling drills. Elsewhere, though, the theme of the day was competition. Baseball majors continued their work through coach-led scrimmages, while basketball majors squeezed in a full 32-minute scrimmage, where the energy was higher. Besides finishing with a full-fledged scrimmage, soccer majors continued with advantage situations, such as 3-on-2s, and the lacrosse period followed suit.

The main event of the day, though, came in the afternoon After an extended rest hour to get the boys recharged, it was Carnival Day! Not only that, but our sister camp, Kents Hill made the hour drive from their campus to share the fun. The fields and basketball court were full of inflatable attractions for the afternoon, including waterslides, obstacle courses, and competitive games. In addition, the ice rink was also open for some free-skate. Campers and counselors alike were thrilled to let loose for some purely fun activities after working hard in their sports all week. And after a cookout dinner of burgers, dogs, and sides, we gathered on the fields to watch a belated fireworks celebration a few nights after Independence Day. Kents Hill then boarded their buses and headed out, and we said goodbye after a long day of excitement.

What a great way to celebrate the halfway point of Session One! We can’t believe how it’s flying by.

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