July 26th

A bit of a humid day here at BSC. Thankfully though, the rain stayed away for the majority of the day so we were able to run a normal schedule.

The CITs went to Boston today to go to a Red Sox game! Unfortunately, the Red Sox ended up losing the game but the guys on the trip said they had a lot of fun! It was most of their first times being in Fenway as well as a fist for some to explore the city of Boston.

After dinner, we announced to campers that it was casino night! Casino night is where we turn the Wolverine Den into a casino. The campers bet fake money on games such as black jack, poker, war, and rock-paper-scissors. All the campers and counselors get dressed up for the night and everyone has a lot of fun. You can see pictures from casino night on Camp Minder.

Tomorrow, the seniors will be heading on a white-water rafting trip while the professionals and rookies will go to Funtown Splashtown. All the campers are excited as both of these destinations are always a big hit!

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