July 20th – Intercamp Begins!

Busy day here at BSC as we had two different teams participating in intercamp sports. The first team was the 15U soccer team that left just after breakfast for a tournament at Wigwam. Unfortunately, I didn’t have the opportunity to go to the tournament but the campers fought hard and won the tournament which is always great to see! They brought home a pretty cool trophy that you can see on CampMinder.

The other intercamp game took place in the afternoon at Micah. Myself and another counselor drove campers to Micah to play in a 15U ultimate frisbee game. At the beginning of the game, our guys started off slow, but we finally found our groove towards the end of the first half. Once everyone started communicating and playing as a team, things turned around. Although many of the campers on the team had never played competitive frisbee before, they worked hard to tie up the score and eventually take the lead at one point. Unfortunately, we weren’t able to hold on at the end but I was really proud of how everyone played. Everyone gave it their all and, after the game, each camper was satisfied with how they performed on the field.

At night, we had our first movie night! Usually movie nights are on Saturdays but due to the fact that the Sea Dogs game is tomorrow night, we moved it to tonight. The rookies went down to Koop’s house and watched Mighty Ducks, while the professionals and seniors watched 21 at the humanities center.

Another great day at BSC as campers anticipate the Sea Dogs game tomorrow night!

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