July 2

Boogie Boarding, Bingo, and Bridgton Sports League

After a busy morning at all the Major Sports, many BSC campers were enticed by water-based Minors at beautiful Long Lake. Swimming, fishing, and water skiing were all popular activities on the water today, and even our youngest campers had a 100% success rate getting up on Boogie boards – definitely something to celebrate…Hooray!

For lunch, we had delicious whole grain turkey-lettuce-tomato paninis, along with sides of chips and veggies. In the afternoon, a couple of rain showers had us taking cover for a little while – just long enough to play a round or two of Bingo before dinner.

After a satisfying meal of roast beef, potato wedges and carrots the entire BSC crew gathered in the gym for a round of Bridgton Sports League (BSL) dodge ball. Those who weren’t dodging were cheering on their teams.

All in all, another fine day at BSC!

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