July 14

Lazy Bones & Big Events

Lazy Bones Sunday started off with a late wake-up as usual. After some extra sleep and a delicious breakfast, coaches held tryouts for the BSC u11 Basketball team, who are off to an inter-camp tournament tomorrow. We’ll be rooting for them!

In other under 11 news, our Baseball u11 team went head to head with a rival camp today. Making the most of home turf, they were rock stars on the baseball field, showing off their excellent catching skills and making some amazing players! BSC campers on and off the field were raving about how much fun they had. Combine that with a big win, and we can’t ask for more than that!

We had great options for activities all day, with lots of action happening down at the waterfront and on the lake, and also at the very popular Gaga pit! Campers were full of shout-outs for one another at line-up today, showing off some brotherly love for their fellow BSCers. All kinds of praise and compliments were handed out… thanks for helping someone improve their basketball skills, thanks to the fans in the stands during the baseball game today, props to a camper who has been really good at keeping hydrated, campers who gave ice-skating a try for the very first time, and others for their athletic skills, friendship, and sportsmanship. We have such an incredible group of boys here this session!

In what was a really exciting event today, lots of campers gathered together in their division to watch Germany beat Argentina in the FIFA World Cup final. It was a great game to watch and made for an enjoyable afternoon among friends!

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