July 12th – Nearing the End!

Today was the second day of color war here at BSC on a beautiful Maine day. In the morning, campers briefly went to their majors to wrap up what they’ve learned over the course of the past three weeks. After majors, everyone headed to the ice rink to watch the highly anticipated Warriors v. Capitals hockey game. The game lived up to the hype. Midway through the second period, the Warriors held a 6-0 lead. Unfortunately for them, this didn’t last as the Capitals went on a 9-0 run to take the lead 9-6. Then, in yet another turn of events, the Warriors scored four goals in a span of two minutes to regain the lead at 10-9. The Warriors would hold and go on to win the game as they mobbed their rookie goalie after the final seconds ticked off the clock.

The afternoon consisted of the three age groups rotating between a cook-off, dodgeball, and track and field events. In the dining hall, campers were tasked with making a creative and delicious dish based on mystery ingredients. At track and field, campers participated in events from tug-of-war to the 100 meter dash, to a football throwing contest.

At the end of day two, the Warriors hold a 30 point lead. There are still over 100 points to be given out in tomorrow’s whacked-up relay. By the end of it, a winner will be crowned! Stay tuned to find out who will take home the cup.

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