July 10th – Trip Day

Hey Guys – Trip day is always a great day at camp. Our rookies and pros went to Funtown Splashtown, the seniors went white water rafting, and the CIT’s went to Boston for the day. To talk about the trips, we got a camper from each trip to tell you a little bit about their day. Here is what they had to say!

Funtown Splashtown USA

My name is Brody and I am a pro camper. Yesterday, my fellow campers and I took a trip to Funtown Splashtown. Starting in Funtown, me and the six other campers in my group made our way through the park. Eating candy, going on rides, and waiting in lines occupied us for the next 2 hours until check-in. After check-in, my group made our way to Splashtown. After an hour of waterslides and swimming we finally stopped, ate dinner and recapped the day. Then, we loaded into the busses and left the park. The highly anticipated color war announcement occurred on a very fun boat ride where the admin announced the teams, passed out candy, and played some games.

White Water Rafting

My name is Stelio and I am a senior camper. Yesterday, I went white water rafting with the rest of the senior division. We had to wake up at 5:30 a.m. and be on the bus by 6, but we got extra sleep on the ride there and when we arrived we couldn’t wait to get on the rafts. We got our life jackets and helmets and waited to get on the next bus to load up on the rafts. When we got there, we split into groups and started to carry the rafts to the river. The rafting started off crazy with tons of rapids but soon calmed down when the water was calmer. Then we stopped to get the food and cooked it on a mini island in the middle of the river. The food was great, and afterwards we calmly went down the river to the end. After we all changed and got back on the bus they told us we were stopping at a random location, which turned out to be the start of color war. The whole camp took a ferry ride around Naples and announced the teams for color war.

Boston, MA

My name is Kyle and I am a CIT. Yesterday the other CIT’s and I went to Boston and saw a Red Sox game. We got to sleep in late, until about 11 am, then we ate a late breakfast and left for Boston around noon. On our way to Boston we stopped for lunch at Bridgton House of Pizza. We got to Boston early and were able to walk around and go into a few shops before getting dinner and heading into the stadium for the seven o’clock game. We had great seats and were in one of the field boxes down the first base line. After watching the game for a while we walked around the famous ballpark and even got to watch from the green monster for a little while. In the end the Red Sox won the game 8-4 and we headed back to camp, stopping for some food on the way. We finally returned from our exciting day, exhausted, around 2 am.


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