July 1

What a day at BSC today!

Campers worked tremendously hard all morning in their Major and Minor sports, giving coaches 100% effort on the ice, in the fields, and on the courts.

Having worked up a healthy appetite, campers were keen to sample the lunch menu – chicken salad wraps, pasta salad and garden salad. The dining hall staff also surprised us with cool treats after lunch … popsicles for everyone!

In special events today, rest hour was cut a bit short so that campers could cheer on Koop or Jordan Wade (BSC Lacrosse coach) in a game of 1-on-1 basketball. The stakes were high and campers were on the edge of their seats until the very end … If Koop won, activities were to go on as regularly scheduled. If Jordan won, campers were free to watch team USA in the World Cup on the big screen.

As it happens, Jordan won, but the US did not. Nevertheless, the campers showed off their national pride and were fantastic sports fans, as usual.

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