Another great day at Bridgton Sports Camp on Friday!

However, we had to adjust to another drizzly day in Maine, which meant not every major, particularly our outdoor sports, followed typical procedure. After a late wakeup, letting the campers rest for 45 minutes longer than usual, our hockey and basketball campers had their normal mornings. The rink held scrimmages for the morning periods, while the basketball majors continued their skill work followed by their longest scrimmage of the session yet, a whole 32 minutes. Meanwhile, at baseball, the kids did their usual base-running warm-up, followed by some soft-toss hitting. Then, the rain started coming down and baseball majors gathered in the dugout for some trivia to end the period. Soccer majors followed a similar path, gathering on the field before the rain. Then, they headed down to the lecture hall to watch the quarterfinal match of the Eurocup, between France and Switzerland. Finally, lacrosse majors also gathered inside to watch some film of top-level college games, including Duke and Notre Dame’s men’s programs. Just because you can’t get on the field doesn’t mean you can’t get better.

The main event of the day, though, came in the afternoon: Casino Night! The campers put on their very best outfits and gathered in the lecture hall for a variety of casino/carnival games. There was everything from blackjack to ring toss to poker, in which campers competed for prizes. Our big winners, and the corresponding prizes, will be announced on Saturday morning! We also held some free skate on the ice before dinner, and some free-play up on the fields as the sun made its first appearance of the day.

Overall, another successful day as we’re about to mark two weeks of Session One. How time flies!

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