Friday, July 7

Hello! Day thirteen recap.

Incredible Friday back at camp! The morning was quite normal, everyone went to their majors. It was a hot day, so campers were exhausted by noon. Although they had lots of water, Koop and Jacob wanted to freshen things up. So we ate lunch and had a water day!

Kiddos had time to be at the waterfront and the rink. My favorite part? The slip and slide! I’m sure you’ll laugh when you see all the photos. They even grabbed the GoPro to record some funny videos. All smiles for this summer.

That’s not all. Our 13U Kickball team won at intercamp! For dinner, we ate barbecue chicken, mac and cheese, and broccoli. I know some of you were worried about picky eaters but everyone has been doing a great job eating healthy! The weekend is looking good.

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