Friday, July 22

It was a great day at BSC. In the morning majors took place as usual. Baseball played a game of ‘the Gauntlet.’ In basketball the boys reviewed more film before going live in a scrimmage. On the ice our hockey majors had a guest coach teaching a power skating workshop. During soccer major the boys ran through some combination drills. Lacrosse players continued practicing their stick skills and then played a series of mini games such as ‘ultimate frisbee lacrosse.’ As the day continued the staggering temperatures set back in. At lunch we put together a rock paper scissors tournament with a very special prize. When a camper from the rookie division defeated the pro division leader we announced that the boys would be going into downtown Bridgton to watch a movie at the theater. The rookies watched “Paws of Fury” while the pros and seniors watched “Thor Love and Thunder.” It was a great way to switch up the afternoon while letting the boys cool off in the theater. After the movies we had free play in the gym, on the fields, and at the outdoor courts. Every week the campers look forward to Pizza Friday and it was an excellent way to end a special day. With a round of BSL following dinner the boys got plenty of athletics and entertainment in their schedule today. Go BSC!

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