Friday, July 1

It’s been a fantastic Friday at Bridgton Sports Camp. The sun was out and the boys are all smiles. Our hockey majors continued their edge work while focusing on puck control and carried both skills over to a scrimmage in the afternoon. On the baseball diamond the campers participated in a base race to test speeds and worked on their pitching in the bullpen and then had a scrimmage at the end of practice. Lacrosse majors switched their focus from offense to defense today paying close attention to their stances. In basketball players worked on their footwork and finishing with their off hand. On the pitch the soccer majors completed power shooting drills before having an all out scrimmage. The meal of the day was lunch which consisted of pulled pork sandwiches and mac and cheese. BSL took place as the sun was setting. The laughs and shouts from the turf could be heard all the way at the bottom of the hill. We have an exciting weekend coming up with two sleep-in days to ensure our campers and counselors alike are getting plenty of rest.

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