Casino Night!

Finally, we had a day with some short rain showers! No one minded this slightly cloudy day—in fact, the temps were perfect and all activities carried on as usual.

The Lacrosse majors are enjoying their time on the field. This morning they played a very competitive 7v7 scrimmage. Coach was impressed with the passing especially, and says that this group of majors are a fun, and extremely hard-working bunch of athletes.

There were more inter-camp games held throughout the day. In the afternoon, the Rookies left camp to play a Kickball Game and finally, the 13-and-under Flag Football group hosted a game here at BSC. We had lots of camper support at the football field—so fun to see the guys rally around their camp teammates!

This evening, our photographer will capture the Wolverine Den’s transformation into a bustling casino! Everyone is excited to try their hands at blackjack, roulette, craps and high-stakes poker. I’ve heard lots of talk of cotton candy and popcorn machines too! Stay tuned for the pictures tomorrow.

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