First Rainy Day

We did not get much sunlight today as it was cloudy and rainy all day but that did not stop the campers from having fun and making the most out of the day!

In the morning the campers were able to participate in BSL (Bridgton Sports League) with their teams. The Seniors and Pros either played kickball, dodgeball, or handball while the Rookies played spike ball, handball, or in the Gaga Pit. The campers had a lot of fun competing against their friends and roommates.

After BSL, the campers went to their first period of majors and minors. The lacrosse majors learned how to do a three-man weave, baseball majors were able to do some batting practice, and hockey majors were playing some mini-games on the ice.

During the second period, the basketball majors had a great warmup which was passing the ball to a counselor and doing a layup. After doing that they grabbed 2 balls and dribbled with both hands doing different drills lead by 2 counselors, and learned some new ones as well.

When the campers were eating lunch, they were told that all afternoon/evening major and minors were canceled because it was going to start raining. But they were very excited to hear that rest hour was extended! All hockey majors still went on the ice for their sessions though. Instead of going to their activities we had the three groups rotate going to the gym for some dodgeball and other fun games, arts and crafts, and the Humanities building which holds the fun games campers like such as pool and ping pong. We also had the Women’s FIFA World Cup and the Incredibles 2 playing.

For dinner, we had our world famous tacos where the campers could choose between a soft and hard shell. Everyone seemed excited for Taco Tuesdays again.

After dinner is the big dodgeball game against another local camp. This is the first time this summer we are going against them.

Wish us luck!

Thank you for taking the time to read the blog and I hope your day was sunny and bright!

Until tomorrow

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