First Floral Friday of the Summer

Today was our first Floral Friday of the summer! It was also another sunny, bright, beautiful day as well!

All the campers woke up with a good attitude which they brought to BSL and all their majors and minors. During their first two periods, baseball players worked on infield catching specifically second and third base and shortstop, hockey players worked on small area games, soccer players worked on shooting and small area passing, and basketball players worked on positioning for defense. Many of the minors were very successful especially flag football where there was one camper who helped his fellow younger campers put on the belts. In weight training, the campers worked on strengthening their biceps and lower body.

During the third and fourth period, many campers watched the street hockey game we had against another camp. We had the younger group at our camp and the older group was at the other one. We, unfortunately, did not win the younger street hockey game, but we did win with the older group! But we only lost by a couple of points. The hockey players did have to go on the ice, but they were able to scrimmage and the older group did a big 4 v 4 tournament which went very well.

During Line-Up, everyone found out that we will be able to sleep in an extra hour which made campers and counselors very happy! Now we will have 2 days in a row where we get to sleep in!

Thank you for reading the blog and hopefully, you were able to see some flowers today!

Stay tuned for the next blog!

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