First Day of Camp

Today was the first day of camp where the campers went to their majors! To make the day better, it was sunny all day! It was a perfect day for the camp to officially start!
The campers woke up excited and ready! After breakfast, the different divisions had their swim tests and they got their schedule for the camp. The water was chilly because there was a slight breeze and it was in the morning. The waterfront staff did another wonderful job making sure the campers were safe and still having a good time.

After all the swim tests, every camper had their major for the first time this session. The hockey majors brought up their gear and went over the rules. Lacrosse majors worked on passing using their left and right hand and doing 2 v 2. Baseball majors met the coach and ran through their daily warmup and some of the pitchers were able to work on their throw. Basketball majors did some scrimmages. Lastly, soccer majors worked on passing and had a scrimmage towards the end of the period.

Hockey majors went on the ice after lunch to work on skating specifically edge work. The rest of the campers went to their minors like a normal day. Some minors can be soccer, lacrosse, baseball, waterfront activities and many more.

During 4th period, the other age group of hockey majors went on the ice and did the same thing. Everyone else had their minors as before. There were some campers who had a golfing minor, and they had fun hitting the ball.

We did have Choose up, and afterward, during Line-up we had 2 campers tell jokes. The second camper was not so lucky as he got the bucket of water.
His joke:

What did the football coach say to the vending machine?
-Give me my quarterback.

For dinner, we had, barbeque chicken, peas, mashed potatoes, and the salad and pasta bar. For dessert we had brownies!

Just like any other day, the campers enjoyed their free time after dinner before heading to bed or going back to their dorms.

The campers are looking forward to a normal day tomorrow so they can experience their schedule how the rest of the 3 weeks will be like. It is exciting to see the campers trying different sports and loving them!

Until next blog!

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  1. Thanks for the photos and the daily blog. It’s great to see our son and hear what’s going on at camp. So glad for the campers that the weather is nice and sure hope it will continue!!

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