Final Camp Blog 2022

Just like that, camp is over. Im taking a stab at the final blog even though I know it won’t come close to what has been written everyday during camp. A big thank you to Logan who made you all feel you were at camp with us each day. He worked all day as an assistant division leader and somehow had the energy to write detailed blogs nightly. The daily blog (and photos by Zoe) were intended to give you a snapshot into our days at camp and some reassurance that your camper was safe and happy.

One of the traditions at camp is writing our goals on a piece of wood and at the final campfire we throw that piece of wood into the fire if that goal has been completed. For the first time in a while I took a piece of wood and wrote the goal “have fun”. Between our canceled summer of 2020 and last summer being very cautious and aware that we were still in a pandemic, camp just didn’t feel “normal”. Missing the inter-camp, trips, and socials in 2021 made me realize how necessary they are to making Bridgton extra special and having all of those events this year made camp exceptional. I can tell you that personally I had a blast this summer and camp felt “normal”. Goal accomplished!

I can’t end without a big THANK YOU to our administration, counselors, coaches, parents, and campers. Combined we are a strong camp community that help make the BSC experience unforgettable each summer. Looking forward to summer 2023!


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