Day 1 – Second Session

Session 2 is up and running, folks. Campers are settled in and we were raring to go this morning when Majors started. Ice Hockey coaches congratulated campers on their hard work at practice today and made note of campers who showed maturity and integrity when faced with a challenge. Well done!

Golfers had a beautiful day at the driving range today, showing excellent form and hitting a ton of balls. Campers who were in the Archery area today started the session of with a bang – 2 campers ending their mini tournament with a tie and one camper hit the bulls eye not once, but twice! Amazing!

In Weight Training & Fitness campers impressed the Coach with their ‘never give up attitude’. In particular, one camper held himself to high expectations with their sprints, going full speed every time, right until the end of practice. Keep up the good work!

Down on the waterfront, the sunny day made for excellent swimming and water skiing conditions. How lucky are we that we have access to beautiful Long Lake each and every day?

Finally, at dinner time lineup we had our fist Joke of the Day. Rookies and Pros impressed us with their timing and delivery so they were able to line up first for one of our favourite meals – pizza! It was great to see so many campers making healthy choices too, with the line up for the salad bar going steady. It was a great way to justify cookies for desert!

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