Color War is Here!

Color War has officially started!! A couple of days before announcing Color War, we told the campers that a professional athlete was coming to visit the camp. They were super excited because they couldn’t wait to see who the surprise athlete was. So today, we got a limousine to drive up to the soccer field, and the driver got out and put a red carpet on the turf for the people in the car to walk on. Once the driver opened the door, out popped our Color War Captains yelling “Color War is here!” All the campers started cheering and getting excited! We have two teams, the red team is the Toronto Raptors and the blue team is the St. Louis Blues. All the campers learned which team they were on, and we split each age division in half for it.

Also, to kick off the Color War, we had our All Division Dodgeball Game! The Raptors won in the Pro and Rookie division, but the Blues won in the Senior division.

After the Dodgeball game, all the campers went to their majors where they did skill competitions. Each division competed against their own division. In hockey, we had the fastest skater as a competition, and another one where each player got 3 pucks and they would have to score on a goalie. At the end of the major, we had 3 v 3 or 4 v 4 games. The rest of the campers had fun competing against each other at their major! The rest of the day was dedicated to campers doing different competitions such as soccer, cricket, handball, kickball, and basketball with their different divisions!

Here is an update on the past few days. On Monday we had a normal day where all the campers were following their own schedules and going to their majors and minors. Yesterday, all the Rookies and Pros went to Funtown Splashtown, and the Seniors went on a rafting trip. All the campers who went to Funtown Splashtown had a great time! They loved all the rides, and eating Dipping Dots! They also had fun in the water park where they could race each other down slides or use a tube to go down a big water slide. The Seniors also had a great time on their trip and they ended it by going to McDonald’s.

Tomorrow we will continue the Color War with more competitions! We will also end the Color War with a huge relay race as well!

Thank you for reading the blog, and I hope you had a great day!

Keep a lookout for updates on Color War tomorrow!

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