Casino Night!

Casino night is here! Everyone is so excited and could not wait for it! Everyone is dressed up and looking good to win some money at Blackjack and various other games!
Before casino night, we had a regular day. BSL was in the morning, and different sport games against other camps as well.

All the periods went extremely well, and the campers who were here had fun! It was a hot day out, but the campers lathered up on sunscreen and drank lots of water! In the first period, the hockey players worked on 1 v 1, passing, skating, and shooting.

In the second period, the soccer players worked on passing and played fun games at the end of practice. The baseball players worked on catching and throwing to first base or third base. There also was a flag football game happening as well where all the campers had fun catching and running for a touchdown.

In the third period, the hockey players had a scrimmage, and we had a counselor put on his goalie gear so we could have an extra goalie to shoot on. The counselor challenged all the campers and helped them get better at finding the open holes to show where to shoot.

In the fourth period, we had different minors. We had weight training, basketball, hockey, baseball, volleyball, flag football, and street hockey. In weight training, they worked on arms, and in basketball, the campers had fun playing Knockout. The baseball minors had fun playing a game where they were in a circle and had to catch the ball then throw it up into the air, and tap it to another camper. If the camper did not catch the ball then they were out. In volleyball, the campers had fun spiking the ball around.

Many of the campers enjoyed the waterfront because it felt nice to jump into the water on such a hot day. During Choose-up, we had our U15 Flag Football tryouts, and a lot of the boys made some great catches and throws. In Line-up we had 2 campers tell jokes, and the second camper got the bucket of water.

For dinner, we had mac and cheese, cornbread, and pulled pork sandwiches. After dinner, we are having our casino night where all the campers dress up and are given fake money and can play and bet on different games such as Plinko, Blackjack, War, horse racing, and many more. All the campers are having a blast playing the games and winning! Once their time is up at the casino then it is straight to bed for the campers.

Wish them luck at the casino games!

I hope you all had a great couple of days and thank you for reading the blog!

Until tomorrow!

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