I apologize for not posting the daily camp blogs on our website. Here is a recap and we promise to do a better job for the rest of the summer.

Our First Day at Bridgton

June 26, 2012

Bridgton’s Daily Blog

We managed to squeeze our major`s in between some heavy down pours. Despite the weather we all managed to have a really great first day. For the rest of the season Koop will be scheduling all rain for after evening activities! 😉

However the rain couldn’t interfere with our dining hall experience, we really enjoyed our dinner and thought it was Thanksgiving in June!

After having a hectic day full of meeting new friends, new counselors and doing our sports we all headed to the humanities building for a night of movies and snacks, a great way to relax after such a fun filled day.
June 27, 2012

Bridgton’s Daily Blog

The weather did not interfere with our majors or minors today! We got to play all the sports that were not possible yesterday. Koop kept the rain off until after dinner.

We even managed to have our first line up at lunch yesterday where we discussed all our achievements. The first fish of the season was caught and two boys got up on water skis for the first time, You could here the round of applause for miles!

Tonight the campers will take part in our famous scavenger hunt! More news
June 28, 2012

Bridgton’s Daily Blog

Finally a day of Maine weather!!!! Blue skies, dry fields, and no heat. Perfect for all our activities.

The scavenger hunt was a huge success. The teams ran the entire camp more than once. Thank you Ryan for such clever clues that even rhymed. The campers actually figured it out before some of the counselors.

Whoops almost forgot. Thank you Chef Chris for a taco station last evening. The boys really enjoyed creating their dinner. Tonight will be the first cookout of the season, and I’m sure everybody is excited to talk to their parents!
Good Morning From Bridgton

June 29, 2012

Bridgton’s Daily Blog

Yesterday we did it all….. From our “majors” to “minors” to choose-up.

The lake was a little chilly, but it didn’t stop us from tubing, wake boarding, canoeing, fishing, and going down the slide.

Crafts is becoming a popular place this summer. Wait till you see the cool things we bring home.

We had our first cook out of the season. Hamburgers, hotdogs, and even veggie burgers. A fun time getting to eat on the hill or under a tree with our favorite counselors!

Hope you all enjoyed hearing from your boys last night!!!
Good morning From B.S.C.

June 30, 2012

Bridgton’s Daily Blog

Another day of beautiful blue skies. Temperatures are rising in the high 80’s today. A heat waive for Maine!

Last evening we had our first campfire. Our new camper’s and counselors stood and were applauded. Our youngest camper added last year’s ashes to the fire. These ashes will be collected and put into the 2013 camp fire. A tradition to ask your kids about.

Koop talked to us about camp traditions, values, making lifetime friends, reaching our potential, and setting goals for the summer. The evening was culminated by roasting marshmallows and making s’mores.

July 01, 2012

Bridgton’s Daily Blog

Good morning parents. Some of your boys are up, and some are taking full advantage of Lazy Bones Sunday. They’re going to need their rest—–This coming week will be jam packed!! A sneak preview to follow
Yesterday was a typical camp day. Regular activities, and the boys were given the opportunity to change their schedules. Archery and crafts is becoming very popular. NEW RULE on warm days best joke gets the bucket 🙂

Last night was movie night. The younger campers saw Hugo, and the older boys saw Billy Madison up in the air conditioned Humanities Hall. Fun was had by all.

This past week was devoted to skills, and some strong coaching from our staff……..This upcoming week we have a big soccer tournament at Indian Acres, one basketball game and two tournaments, a baseball game here, and our on going dodge ball rivalry with Camp Wigwam. The evenings are just as packed with activities. We will be having casino night, the sea dog baseball game in Portland, skating social on our very popular ice rink, and another movie night.

I will keep you posted on all events through the week.
The Word Around Camp

July 02, 2012

Bridgton’s Daily Blog

The word around camp….” I can’t believe I’ve been here a week already !” Yes, it’s going really fast.

Yesterday all campers got a break from Their regular schedule. After a lazy bones sleep in– the Rookies had a slip and slide wiffleball game. The Pros’s had a kickball game, and the Seniors used the entire football field for ultimate freebie. In the heat of the afternoon we were actually wearing our sweat shirts for broom ball at the ice rink. Evening activity was the best….capture the flag. We even got to watch the Euro Cup. Our Spanish campers were ecstatic!!!

Today our soccer players are off to their own soccer tournament at Indian Acres. They will be competing against camps in the area. Stay tuned for an update tomorrow.

July 03, 2012

Bridgton’s Daily Blog

The soccer tournament was at Camp Indian Acres yesterday. It was a split. We lost the first game, but the boys rallied and came back to win the second match. Three cheers for them. We are very proud here at B.S.C.

Last night campers dressed for the occasion……CASINO NIGHT. Our counselors went all out. We had a bouncer, cocktail waitress, bar tenders, pit boss, dealers, and Stone was a major hit as disc jockey. Campers were given B.S.C. money to buy drinks, cotton candy, popcorn, or gamble. After you view the pictures you’ll see how much fun was had by all.

Sea Dogs baseball game and fireworks tonight….


July 04, 2012

Bridgton’s Daily Blog

Happy 4Th of July From B.S.C.

Yesterday most of the campers went to Camp Wigwam in the morning. Age 11 and under played kickball and 13 and under played basketball.

In the afternoon there was a free skate. Anyone that wanted to try skating was welcome on the ice. Rumor around camp….. We might have more hockey majors next summer.

At 4pm we put on our Bridgton shirts and boarded the buses. We were off to Portland to the Sea Dog baseball game. The entire trip was great from the ride, our pizza dinner, the girls we met from local camps, the firework display at the ball park, and oh yes almost forgot the GAME! It was an awesome trip from start to finish. We came back late, and Koop let us sleep in this morning. Just an extra hour.

Hope everybody has a great 4Th.
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July 05, 2012

Bridgton’s Daily Blog

Life is Good

Blue skies high of 82 and no humidity!!!! Perfect weather for our 15 & under baseball game against Camp Wigwam. Better yet it’s a home game so we can all cheer for our guys.

Late yesterday afternoon we had some strong storms go through. It gave us the opportunity to all be in the gym to practice our dodge ball skills. We have our rival camp coming for a rematch.

Last night we had our skating social with Camp Walden. Stone was the disc jockey, and the word around camp they didn’t want it to end. Sorry no pictures.

Tonight is our 2nd. cook out and phone calls. I know you’re all looking forward to hearing from your boys.
Bridge WHAT?!?!

July 06, 2012

Bridgton’s Daily Blog

Bridge WHAT ?!?!

We cheered and had so much fun watching our team score 8 runs against Camp Wigwam. Final score 8-4. A major victory for Bridgton! We will be posting a ton of baseball pics. Enjoy!

At evening line up we had our first rocket launch of the season. We were anxiously awaiting blast off. Three attempts and nothing was happening. Wouldn’t you know as soon as I put my camera away we had a successful lift off and a landing right near the barbecue.

We had our 2nd cookout, and you already know our evening activity. I’m sure you all enjoyed hearing the latest news from your boys.

July 07, 2012

Bridgton’s Daily Blog

A busy day at the hoops!

This is a report from Coach Whit Lesure……..

“13 and under basketball tournament….competitive first half, trailing by 6. We lost but overall good showing. The second game we trailed early by 8 and cut it to 3 in second half. We lost by 10 but over all a more consistent effort. Our guys are proud.”

Following dinner Koop took our 15 and under basketball players to Camp Wildwood. The game was tied, and went into overtime. We lost at the buzzer. Koop was so proud of these guys they played their hearts out! Koop told me ” we really took it to them!!!!” Big improvement from last summer.

This time I had my camera ready and captured the rocket launch on film. In the evening we met at the players lounge to make ice cream sundays, shoot some pool, and watch baseball on TV. It was good to chill!!

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