A Cloudy Wednesday

It was a gloomy, humid Wednesday but we got to sleep in an extra hour!

It was sprinkling in the morning, so for BSL, we played dodgeball in the gym. Each team played and Rookies played Rookies and Pros and Seniors combined together. All the games were very competitive, and the campers had fun!

After BSL, every camper went to their major until lunch. In the hockey major, the counselors set up different stations to help the campers work on edge work, battling for the puck, passing, and shooting. The basketball majors worked on doing 3 fast dribbles in place and either passing to their partner’s chest or bouncing the ball on the floor to their partner. In baseball, the campers worked on catching ground balls, and the pitchers worked on their throw with the head coach. Soccer majors had fun playing different games such as 2 v 1 and 2 v 2. In lacrosse, they worked on picking up ground balls and double-teaming the player with the ball. At the very end of the drill, the player with the ball could shoot on net.

We had our normal day and rest hour after lunch because it stopped raining. A lot of the campers were able to take a quick nap during to catch up on some sleep.
For the third and fourth period, all the campers went to their minors. The hockey players went back on the ice and scrimmages and played sharks and minnows. The rest of campers had fun at their minors!

During Line-up we only had one camper tell a joke and he got the bucket.

What type of bagel can fly?
-A plain bagel

For dinner, we had chicken, peas, the salad bar, pasta bar, and of course ice cream sandwiches!

The Rookies headed off to shower and the Pros and Seniors went straight to Free Time after dinner. In Humanities, the campers were able to watch women and men doing CrossFit on the T.V., and they could still do fun games such as pool or ping pong.

Tomorrow is the flag football game against another camp! Wish the campers luck!

Thank you for reading the blog and I hope you had a great Wednesday!

Stay tuned for tomorrow!

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