2014 Final Camp Blog

First and most importantly I want to thank all BSC campers/staff for making 2014 the best summer ever!
Our daily camp blog and pictures from around camp provided parents a glimpse into their son’s experience away from home. The importance of this feature was evident by the ton of phone calls and emails we received when the pictures weren’t posted by a certain time ☺
I often think back to when I was a camper and wonder how my parents made it through seven weeks with no blog, pictures or communication. However, I realize we live in a different time and it’s important to embrace the technology available to us. I know parents feel comfortable when they can see their child active, playing in his major sport or read about an inter-camp tournament that we are competing in. What you don’t see from a picture or blog and what you are hopefully hearing now are all of the camp stories and lessons learned from on/off the fields, new friendships that were formed and those that have carried over from summers past. It is these moments that will help develop your child’s character and be invaluable as he re-connects with friends and family and throughout the school year.
A personal highlight for me this summer happened the last night of camp. I was in the office late when a few of the CIT’s came in and wanted to talk. This years CIT group was the largest yet and most of them have been campers since the inception of BSC. They had very mixed emotions; upset over the realization that their camp career was over, but we enjoyed reminiscing about the past. I told them how my experiences as a camper are still with me today and how they ultimately decided my career path. My hope for them is to focus on all of the good camp has brought them…the stories, memories, and friendships will always remain strong and that is what camp is all about!
Enjoy the rest of your summer and we will be in touch.

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