Wednesday July 5th

Today we had our campers go to their majors from 9-10:30. After that, we had a scavenger hunt where campers got in their BSL teams and went around the camp looking for items to collect in a backpack. The top teams won games for BSL with the playoffs right around the corner. The scavenger hunt lasted until lunch where we had grilled cheese sandwiches!

Once rest hour was over, campers rotated through 6 different activities until dinner. The activities included swimming at the waterfront, going on the pontoon boat, playing corn hole at the ice rink, a spike ball tournament, gaga, and a slip and slide. Each rotation lasted about half an hour so that each age group could have ample time at each station. Then, we finished off the day with a cookout that consisted of sausages and hamburgers, and then free play until bedtime.

Camper Spotlight: Andrew

Andrew is a 10-year-old rookie from New Jersey in his second year of camp. His major is hockey but he also plays lacrosse. Andrew’s favorite parts about camp are the waterfront (waterskiing, fishing, and swimming), hockey, and lacrosse. In terms of what has changed at camp in the past year, Andrew says that there have definitely been changes but that some things have stayed consistent as well. He says that there are a lot of new campers and counselors and returning campers and counselors. Andrew adds that he likes the food this year better than last year. If he could change one thing, Andrew would make gaga a minor because it’s very popular among campers.

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