Tuesday July 3rd – Go Dogs!

Yesterday started off as every other day here at Bridgton Sports Camp. Campers were woken up by their counselors at 7:45 before heading up to breakfast and then cleaning their rooms. The first three periods of the day went on as scheduled with each camper participating in their respective major as well as at least two minor periods. At 12:30, campers headed up to the dining hall for lunch. (Deli Day!!) Then back down to their dorms for rest hour before leaving for the Sea Dogs Game!

Every time we go to the game, we stop at a park just before the Sea Dogs stadium where campers and counselors have a chance to eat pizza before the game. Once at the game, the campers were able to go on the field and hold the flag while former Boston Bruins national anthem singer Rene Rancourt sang all 4 verses! After the anthem, we headed to our seats along the third base line and watched the game. Campers sat with their counselors and we cheered on the dogs. Unfortunately, the game ended in a 2-1 loss for the Dogs.

After the game ended, the whole camp stayed at the stadium for a fireworks display! This is a tradition as we go to the game every year around July 4 to see them. Once the fireworks ended, the campers and counselors headed to the buses to go back to BSC.

Many more exciting things to come this session, including Funtown Splashtown for the rookies and pros, white water rafting for the seniors, and a Red Sox game for the CITs.

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