Saturday June 30th

Definitely a hot day yesterday, but we were okay! We made sure that every camper was putting on sunscreen and drinking a ton of water. Although it was hot, this didn’t stop any of the campers from getting better at their respective majors. From 10:30 until lunch, campers were giving it their all despite the heat.

Saturday’s at Lacrosse are known as “suit-up Saturdays”. The coaches get involved in all the drills and scrimmages. At soccer, everyone got the chance to watch some of the World Cup before ending the period with a game. All in all, it was a great morning for majors with everyone working hard.

After lunch and rest hour, it was a regular afternoon as minor periods went on as scheduled. We had campers firing bullseyes on the archery range, others getting up on water-skis for the first time, and practices for teams that will be participating in inter-camp games in the coming days.

During choose up, the waterfront was a popular choice among campers to cool off after a hard day’s work.

At night, campers had a bit of time for free play before our first (scheduled) movie night. Justice League and Jumanji were put on in the humanities center for campers to relax and watch a film after a day of running around under the Maine sun.

The weather looks great in the coming days as we prepare for a trip to the Sea Dogs game on Tuesday, July 3.

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