July 8th – Final Sunday of Session 1

Today was our last lazy bones Sunday of the session. Campers were able to sleep in before heading up to the dining hall where donuts were being served for breakfast. After breakfast, we had a brief lineup and from there, campers and counselors of all ages competed in a camper v. counselor soccer game! Anyone could come watch or play in the game that was held on the turf field. It was great to see the campers testing out the new skills they’ve learned in soccer major against the older guys!

Due to the schedule being modified a couple times this past week, today’s afternoon consisted of periods four and five from the Tuesday schedule. We did this so that campers could have the opportunity to go to periods that they may have missed such as wake-boarding and waterskiing.

From period five, the whole camp gathered for another lineup as tonight was the last night of the BSL regular season. The rookies competed in handball while the older campers took part in a game of cricket. The competition was extremely high as the playoffs are right around the corner. Then, after dinner, all campers received their phones for the evening activity tonight as they do every Sunday.

Campers are still anticipating trip day on Tuesday as well as the start of color war which is soon to come!

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