July 7th – Weekly Recap

In the past week here at BSC, we’ve had a ton of intercamp competitions from soccer to baseball to dodgeball to street hockey and many more. All our campers showed great sportsmanship in their games against other camps while also maintaining a competitive edge.

Although the weather wasn’t always in our favor over the past few days, we modified the schedule to make sure that every camper could still get better at their sports. This was achieved by having major periods followed by short minor periods as well as other activities to break up the daily routine.

We also had the Sea Dogs game and casino night this week that went very smoothly thanks to all the hard-working counselors and admin. For five hours on Friday afternoon, a group of counselors turned the Wolverine Den into a casino for campers to enjoy.

Looking ahead, tomorrow is the last lazy bones Sunday of the session. On Tuesday, rookies and professionals will be heading to Funtown Splashtown while the seniors will go on a white-water rafting trip and the CITs travel to Fenway Park for a Red Sox game. Color war is also coming up as we will break it on (can’t remember if its Tuesday or Wednesday). The final banquet and campfire will take place on Friday evening, which is always one of the most special moments in all of camp.

As Koop always says, the days are long but the weeks fly by.

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