July 31st

A great day here at BSC as today was our last day following a normal schedule. (Color War begins tonight)

Throughout the day, campers went to their major and minor periods. Today, I had the opportunity to be on the wakeboard and waterskiing boat as well as on the archery field. On the archery field, there were only a few campers but one had never tried it before. After struggling with the first few attempts, he finally hit the target and was able to do so for the remainder of the period. I challenged another camper at archery to hit a bullseye. This is obviously not an easy task as the bullseye target is quite small. That being said, he managed to hit the target and earned a shout out at lineup!

During choose up, we had our first night of the BSL playoffs! The rookie division played dodgeball in the basketball gym for their semifinals. The professionals and seniors on the other hand played capture the flag in the quarterfinals of their bracket.

After dinner, we had a magician come to camp! All age groups were able to see Norman the Magician perform at the chapel as tonight’s evening activity. It was pretty cool and I was really impressed.

Tomorrow we’ll fill you in on how we just broke color war (literally just a few minutes ago), so be sure to keep reading for daily recaps!

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