July 29th – Final Lazy Bones Sunday

It’s hard to believe this, but today was already our last Lazy Bones Sunday of the session! Campers and counselors had the chance to sleep in as breakfast was held at the dining hall from 9-10 before a brief lineup at 10:30.

After lineup, we held a camper v. counselor lacrosse game up on the turf field! From hockey players to lacrosse players, anyone who wanted to play put on gear. Unfortunately (for the campers), the counselors ended up winning the game by a score of 5-4. That being said, it was great to see campers using what they’ve learned in major against the counselors who taught them those skills!

In the afternoon, the three age groups rotated between three different activities. The activities were swimming at the waterfront, a slip and slide on the fields, and handball and kickball up on the fields as well.

At night, we had another night of the regular season of BSL. The rookie teams played four square above the tennis courts while the professionals and seniors played kickball, newcomb, and handball.

Anticipation is in the air here at BSC as the BSL playoffs and color war are right around the corner!

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