July 23rd

Partly cloudy here but still a great full day at camp. After breakfast, campers went to their majors and minors throughout the day.

This afternoon I got the chance to be on the ice rink and skate with both the younger and older campers for the first time this summer. While everyone skated by me, it was awesome to see how much time and effort our hockey players put in each and every day. Campers who are hockey majors get on the ice at least two times a day. Once in the morning and once in the afternoon. They also have the opportunity to be on the ice during choose up which is an hour-long period right before dinner. During choose up they can get some one-on-one time with our coaches and work on specific skills they want to improve.

I was incredibly impressed with how much work they put in on the ice today. As I mentioned before, it was my first period on the ice this year and I was absolutely exhausted by the end. These campers deserve a ton of credit for the work they put in. And that goes for all of our campers in the other 4 majors as well!

After dinner, the professional age group had a social at the ice rink! Boys and girls skated around in circles while music played. Social’s are always fun to watch and the kids always have a blast.

We are hoping that the rain stays away in the coming days and Mother Nature gives us some of that beautiful Maine weather!

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