July 22nd – Lazy Bones Sunday

Today was our first lazy bones Sunday of the session! Campers and counselors were able to sleep in after an exhausting week of running around. The dining hall opened for breakfast at 9 where donuts from Dunkin’ Donuts were served.

In the morning, campers had free play until lunch. The wolverine den, fields, gaga, and basketball gym were all open.

After lunch and rest hour, due to some rain, we modified the schedule a bit. All three age groups rotated between three different activities throughout the afternoon. The activities were karaoke in the humanities center, free skate in the ice rink, and a carnival in the gym. The carnival consisted of a bouncy house boxing ring, a mini obstacle course, laser tag and a life-sized foosball game. The life-sized foosball game was definitely the biggest hit. Campers held onto a rope where, in different rows, they were only able to move left and right while also trying to kick a dodgeball into the opposing team’s net. Karaoke was also popular as campers displayed their “singing” skills. Overall, the afternoon was a huge success.

After a dinner of ravioli, meatballs and garlic bread, campers received their phones for the evening before bedtime.

Many exciting events to come this week here at BSC as Thursday/Friday are our big trip days. The professionals and rookies will head to Funtown Splashtown, the seniors will go rafting and the CITs will depart for Boston to see a Red Sox game.

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