July 21st – SeaDogs!

Great day here at BSC! Another beautiful day with temperatures in the 70s and 80s.

In the morning, campers went to their majors for almost two hours. Campers were giving it their all during the major periods which is always nice to see because it means they are improving at their sport. Koop briefly talked about it at lunch when he mentioned the same thing. He said he went around to every major in the morning and saw how focused everyone was at getting better. That is what sports camp is all about.

In the afternoon, at around 3 o’clock, campers and counselors loaded the buses to head to the SeaDogs game! Before the game, we always go to a park that is right next to the field where we stop and eat pizza. After pizza, the buses drove us to Hadlock Field, home of the Portland SeaDogs. The whole camp was able to go out onto the field while the rookie and professional campers and counselors held the flag during the National Anthem. We then headed to our seats along the third base line.

At the game, there are different rules for different age groups. The rookies and pros must stay with their counselors at all times when going to get food or merchandise while the senior campers can go on their own. However, seniors must check in with their counselor every 30 minutes.

After the game ended with a SeaDogs defeat (L) we stayed for a firework show! Nothing like seeing a baseball game and fireworks after a week of hard work! When the show ended, everyone loaded the buses to go back to BSC after a successful trip day.

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