Camper – A Day In The Life: Thursday July 20th

Camp is in full force as we entered our 4th day of Session 2. Everyone is making friends and enjoying their activities. Campers are working really hard at their major sports and having a ton of fun at all the different minors. Counselors have tons of energy and are making sure that all activities are going smoothly.

The past 2 days have been very hot and humid. Not your usual perfect Maine weather. The key words have been Water & Sunscreen. When the heat rises it is super important to stay hydrated. I joined the Basketball major this morning with the famous Coach Whit. He was working the kids hard and going through tons of drills to help improve their game. We finished off with a little scrimmage. It went really well and everyone left the court pretty tired.

2nd period I made my way down to the waterfront for a little fishing lesson on the pontoon boat. It was amazing to be on the water. There was a nice breeze and we even got to jump in and go for a little swim. It was a good day to fish, we caught about 12 fish. It would be fun to bring them back to the chef, but at camp, we throw them back in the lake.

For lunch, we had chicken caesar salad wraps. They were delicious. Finished off with a nice little cup of chocolate pudding and whipped cream. After lunch, everyone went back to the dorms for rest hour.  Because it was such a hot day and we were all working hard, most campers took a nap. It’s always a good time to just chill out and prepare for the afternoon.

4th and 5th periods went really well. Activities were a little calmer than usual so no one got too tired. The temperature started to drop a little bit and some clouds rolled in. This made the rest of the day really nice. During choose up, we hosted a spike ball tournament that a lot of kids got involved in. It’s slowly becoming one of the most popular lawn games in camp. It’s a game of athleticism & teamwork.

Thursday night dinners are always a cookout. The dining hall staff fires up the grille outside and we all get to hang out and eat. Burgers & Hot Dogs are always on the menu along with a bunch of sides. The sun was setting as we sat around the grass and enjoyed a great meal and some solid conversations.

The evening activity was just some good old fashioned free play. Gaga and the Basketball gym were going strong as always. It was a nice night chill night that we all enjoyed.

Everyone seems to be pretty tired after today. I think we are all going to fall asleep early and get a great night’s sleep.

Excited to see what’s in store for tomorrow!



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