Camper – A Day In The Life: Monday July 31st: #Monday


The first day of our final week….

Morning Session

After an incredible weekend, our last week of camp started off really strong. We have been so lucky with weather this summer, and today was no different. As the whistle blew at 7:45am, campers walked out of their dorms to a perfect 70 degrees and sunny. No better way to start the day. Perfect weather, walking to breakfast with friends and counselors…the way life should be. 


One of my favorite meals of camp ; breakfast sandwiches with a toppings bar. The yolk dripped out of the eggs as we stacked bacon on top and spread a little ketchup and hot sauce for good measure. And as always, wash it down with a mandatory glass of water (stay hydrated!) and our famous chocolate milk. There was silence in the dining hall as everyone was focused on their food while watching sportscenter on the TV.


From breakfast, it was time for cleanup. Yesterday, our inspection winners from week 2 had the opportunity to take a ride on our pontoon boat into town during rest hour. Once we hit town, we docked and hopped off to get some ice cream. Today began our final week of inspection. One more boat trip into town for ice cream was at stake. It was a solid cleanup and then it was time to hit the fields (and gym and ice).


A great morning of majors and minors it was. After an easy Sunday, everyone gave 110% today. Knowing that there are only a few Major periods left, campers & counselors knew how important it was to start the week off really strong. Drills were perfect and scrimmaging was intense and competitive. Even though it wasn’t a suit up Saturday, counselors were dressed up and ready to play. The goal is to show the kids how to play at a higher level and make them better.


Minors went off without a hitch. Arts & Crafts was buzzing because everyone wants to finish up their projects before going home. The waterfront too. Final canoe, fishing & waterski periods were running at full force. Last opportunities to get up on ski’s for the first time! Street hockey had some really good games and tennis had a little round robin tournament. Flag football had full field games while weight training & fitness guys were sweating and working hard. Overall, it was a solid morning and everyone was ready to wind down a bit and head to lunch and then rest hour. Need a good nap and some chill time to prepare for the afternoon.

Afternoon into Evening

Nap time was over & everyone was well rested and ready to finish the day on a high note. We had our first ultimate frisbee inter-camp game of the summer. We hosted Camp Wigwam on our football field for a pretty sick game. It was our 15 & under team playing and a good portion of the camp came out to support. Campers and counselors got really into the game. Even though we lost, everyone was cheering and getting rowdy. Always necessary to support BSC!

The remainder of the day was filled with Ice Hockey majors and a few more minor periods. Soccer & Basketball were playing full games, and so was Baseball & Lax. Great stuff to watch. I made my way into the ice hockey rink to watch some afternoon scrimmages. What an amazing program that Coach Warde runs. The beginning portion was spent doing a few drills that focused on footwork and puck handling. After that, it was all game play. All of our goalies rotated and got the chance to play. After freezing in there for about an hour, I made my way back to the field where I jumped in a little spike ball tournament. Love spikeball! Probably one of the most popular activities at camp this summer.

As the day was winding down and dinner was approaching, little bit of rain hit us. This actually wasn’t too bad, because it definitely cooled down outside and by the time dinner was over, the rain was done.

Night Time Show

At 8:15pm, we all made our way to the theater for a little surprise show. It’s tough to describe what the show was, but I feel comfortable calling it a mix between a magician, a juggler and a musical light show. Super creative and campers got a kick out of it. They were cheering and laughing the whole time. Some lucky audience members even got called up to volunteer.

A great day, and a great start to the last week. Tomorrow afternoon we head to Portland to watch the SeaDogs play a little baseball.

Until then…….


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