August 1st – Color War Day 1

Another great day here in Bridgton, Maine as today was the first day of color war!

In the morning, campers went to their majors where they played different skill-based games for points. Every major was out of 21 points which were given out based on who won the competitions as well solid displays of sportsmanship. Sportsmanship is one of the five values that are on each camper’s bandana along with loyalty, kindness, teamwork and friendship. Here at BSC, we do our best to teach campers to live by these values in their everyday lives.

In the afternoon, the three age groups rotated between different sports. The sports were basketball, soccer, handball and cricket. The highlight of the day was the senior basketball game. After a back and forth game, the Capitals were down one with five seconds remaining. They were inbounding from under their own basket where they rolled the ball to one of their players who then ran the length of the court and drilled a game winning, buzzer beating 3 pointer! It was one of the best games of any sport I’ve seen all summer.

At the end of day one, the Warriors hold a 191-152 lead over the Capitals. Color war continues until Friday where many more points are still up for grabs. Keep on checking back for more updates!

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