A Day In The Life of a BSC Camper – Thursday June 28th

I know we like to talk about the amazing Maine weather here on the PawPrints Blog, but mother nature will occasionally jump in. We woke up to some cloudy weather and we knew the rain would eventually come. We did, however, get a little lucky…After a tasty french toast breakfast and a strong clean up of the dorm rooms, we went right into our majors. All 5 majors got a solid few hours in. We ran drills and scrimmages and took advantage of the cloudy day. Everyone worked extra hard and got a good sweat in. After that, the rain came in. We started lunch a bit early and extended the rest hour period which gave everyone some time to wind down before the rainy day afternoon schedule.

Sometimes, rainy days can be a ton of fun. We split up by divisions and rotated between a bunch of different activities. There was Bingo in the Humanities Center where campers had the opportunity to win a bunch of different prizes. Some of our younger campers were brave enough to jump on the microphone for some good old fashioned karaoke. Another popular stop on the rotation, was the indoor handball tournament on the hardwood basketball court. Split up into different teams, we had some round robin tournaments that left one winner for each division. A great way to get a good run in during the afternoon rain.

Because we have the ice rink at our disposal, why not take advantage? We ended the day with a free skate. Many of our hockey majors got to show off their skills, while also helping other campers (and counselors) skate for their very first times. (don’t worry, we have rental skates) – What a great way to end the afternoon!

The rain continued through dinner and into the evening activity, so we couldn’t do BSL tonight. So, we decided to go with movie night. Again, we broke out by division and watched some great movies. It was a long day, but a ton of fun. The forecast looks really great for the next few days with some hot weather coming our way over the weekend.

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Goodnight from Bridgton!



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